SURVIVORS AND SURVIVALISTS, the Summer 2013 issue of FUSE Magazine, hits newstands on May 29th. The issue will feature articles by FALLOUT: Visions of Apocalypse panelists Kathryn Denning, Richard Moszka, and Kathleen Tahk along with a special artist project by Andrea Pinheiro.

Survivors and Survivalists gives a rambunctiously critical twist to contemporary apocalypticism. It will offer a collection that recasts apocalypse in terms of real-world struggles, traumas and resilience, eschewing the privileged paranoia that often dominates this theme. The issue’s contents will be an eclectic mix of texts and artists’ projects foregrounding contemporary perspectives and examples—the Toronto Zombie Walk, queer survivalism, the nuclear industry, and Indigenous resilience—alongside more historical studies. In short, Survivors and Survivalists promises to be a crazy grab-bag of carnivalesque realness.