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Travel portal software in orissa Avatar
Travel portal software in orissa
Created by etravos on Oct, 21 2016 with 4 Members

eTravos is India’s largest cloud Travel Technology Platform company. We have grown by leaps and bounds since our product start-up in 2013, powering more than 200+ portals in India and abroad. Our flagship product, eTravos can accommodate multiple travel services. We are head quartered in Hyderabad and have marketing offices in Chennai and Bangalore. For more details go through the www.a1webdirectory.orgwebsite

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Created by mytripkarma on Oct, 25 2016 with 4 Members

MyTripKarma utilizes the power of social media to help you plan the perfect trip with your friends. With MyTripKarma you can create a trip and invite your friends via Google, Facebook or Email to plan it together. You can also ask your friends or travel enthusiasts for their opinions about your trip via social media. visit for more information

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Created by cielcreatives1 on Jan, 3 2017 with 3 Members

Brand media advertising, Brand media vs. visual media Brand identity, Brand communication, Marketing Collaterals, Brochure designing, Logo Designing in Hyderabad India.

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Best Desi Food
Created by bdfseo1 on Sep, 9 2016 with 2 Members

Best Desi Food is the first and foremost destination for foodies. It connects its audience with the joy of cooking and dining out. If you are looking for recipes to cook Desi food at home or for restaurants in your city to dine out, look no further! We are committed to inform, inspire and empower you for the best in eating-in or dining-out. We, at Best Desi Food, present both recipes and information on restaurants for Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese (Hakka Style), Middle Eastern, Halal, Vegetarian and fusion food. Visit us before you cook or head out for dining and we would fast-track you to food nirvana.

Boarded the Sumelevator Indoor Escalator ascending past Avatar
Boarded the Sumelevator Indoor Escalator ascending past
Created by fiberpigtail on Oct, 11 2016 with 2 Members

A Lifts is a device used for transporting persons, luggage and goods between different floors of multi-storied buildings. Of the various types of elevators available, commercial elevators are the powerful ones and find a wide range of applications in healthcare centers, shopping malls, multiplexes and small scale industries. An efficient control system will enable the person waiting for an elevator to signal his destination before the elevator arrives at his floor. A computerized system determines the most efficient car for him to board. In our example, the first car to pass the 23rd floor may be stopping 6 times between the 23rd and 40th floors. However, a car that will arrive only a few seconds later has a passenger who wants to alight from the elevator on the 23rd floor anyway, and will only make 2 stops before it reaches the 40th floor. By causing the potential rider to wait a few seconds before boarding an elevator, not only can a significant amount of energy be saved, but the rider will actually reach his destination faster than he would have if he had boarded the first elevator ascending past the 23rd floor. Commercial elevators are of hydraulic or electrical types and are available in varying lifting capacities ranging from 1,000 lb to 6,000 lb. Hydraulic elevators that travel 8 floors or less can reach speeds upto 200 ft/min. In the case of electric elevator it is 500 ft/min. Acceciblity equipments that travel above ten floors have speeds ranging from 500 ft/min to 2000ft/min. Hydraulic elevators are commonly used in buildings having 2-8 floors. Residential elevators these days are equipped with several features that ensure maximum safety and security for their users. They come armed in every possible way to deal with getting stuck during a power failure, technical snags, and all other such trouble. Safe and smooth rides are guaranteed by modern elevator sets. It is essential to know in details about the safety features and operating mechanism of Indoor Escalator before installing one. Some of the safety features of modern elevators are discussed below. See more at

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List of Private Medical Colleges in West Bengal, India
Created by ashmika on Oct, 22 2016 with 2 Members

Private Medical Colleges In West Bengal - IQ-City Medical College, Burdwan – 2013. KPC Medical College & Hospital, Jadavpur – 2008. I Care Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Haldia.-2012 @ @

HID Proximity Cards | HID Proximity cards Dubai, UAE Avatar
HID Proximity Cards | HID Proximity cards Dubai, UAE
Created by idcardprinter04 on Oct, 14 2016 with 2 Members

HID Proximity cards provide consistent read range and are not impacted by body shielding or any variable environmental conditions, even when close to keys and coins. The range of HID Proximity cards includes non-printable and printable cards and come in PVC or composite construction. @

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SEO experts India | SEO specialist India | SEO Service in hyderabad
Created by noblegedu4u on Oct, 18 2016 with 2 Members

We offer all these services under our SEO experts India who help in increasing traffic and making your website popular around the world of internet so that you an easily connect with many people around. We are working with experienced team and most important is that we are SEO specialist as we know the best to tackle with situation and we are working strategies on higher level and help in increasing your organic reach with high end analyses with higher perormance by using our modern and specialized tools. @ @